Volume 3 Number 1 • Fall - Winter 2011

Poetry styled for spring

Joseph Benevento

Ode to Pears

Laura Brandenburg

35th and Chicago

Lot's Wife

Jamie Buehner


Saigon Perspective

Picture Taker

Austin Cunningham

an ode to my fellow mental degenerates

Sara Dailey

Sharks Come In


Joseph Dorazio

Curb Your Appetite


Alice Duggan

A Brittle Thing

Kerry Hillis

Easter, Kobbe Beach, Panama

The Man-Eaters

Robert King

Guilt, With Pears

Maureen Kingston

Fingering My Ghost Beads

Final Instructions

James Kowalczyk


John McKenna

That Green Exchange

John McKernan

I Tried to Squeeze the Tree

Nick Monks

Walkers (Morecombe)

James Nawrocki

Wasp Nest

Robert Pesich

Heart Massage

Askold Skalsky



Amanda St. John

Love and Gratitude

Christopher Title

Lake of Fire

Stacey Tran

The Secret Lives of Birds

Irregulars irregularly styled for spring

Barbara Daniels


Alice Duggan

His Accusation

Kim Farleigh


Susan and John Hensel

Color of Conflict

Kelly Hansen Maher

Kiss of Victory

DaMaris Hill


Kevin Luna


When Borges Fought the Civil War

Ashley Maser

Serving Her

David Massengill

Debt, 1889

Brittany Michelson

Inhabiting Beauty

City Lights

Luca Penne



Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Peaches Resist Consumption

Kyle Torke

After Examining a Row of Eleven Skulls and Thinking of My Ex-Wife

A Good Walk

Flash cameras flashing all over

Sean Gentry

Skull Fracture #1

Dylan Gilbert

This Online Dating Thing

Steve Mitchell

At the Door

Her Subscription

Lily Murphy

Soaked in the Afternoon

Edmund Sandoval

Picture Tape

Tori Weston

Birthday Cake

Meredith Sue Willis


Fiction styled for spring

Gerald Duff

The Light in Memphis

Michael Kabel

You Could be Anywhere

Michael C. Keith

The Waiting Bell

Thomas Noonan

Their Guns Fired Bullets

Interview styled for spring


Sleet Interview with Barrie Jean Borich