Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

Gerald Bosacker

Alzheimer's Journal

January 7, 2010...Smacked in the face with stark reality, I try to assess where that high IQ that blessed and cursed my eighty years vanished. I had applied to be a census taker, and took the competitive exam this AM. Wow! I did not do well in score, despite feeling I had aced the test. Time passes and we start our dying at birth. Some parts of us die earlier than the rest....Pity.

(“Alzheimer's Journal” is from the author's website and printed with his permission.)

Bosacker's verse uses ancient cliches and simple platitudes but always with an element of sardonic wit, and sometimes, an important truth. The trick to understanding his wry twists, is knowing when he is telling the truth, or when he saying what might have been, and this, of course, is done to make you think. Advanced age has not softened his choler against injustice, but he has learned to expose his verities with sardonic humor. Sometimes you have to look closely to see tongue-in-cheek hyperbole and slyly exposed incongruities in his poetry but they are usually there. . See more of Bosacker's wit at

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