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Volume 14 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2022

Nakima Budke

Where I'm From

I am from burning fires
From hot tea and constant music
I am from the small, cozy and quiet
From the small children
I am from cedar roses
And the Yanaa.eit
That prickled and burned more than my limbs could handle

I am from drumming and long hair
From Kelly and Owen James
I am from the stubborn, hard headed
And from the short tempers

I am from “Be quiet”s and “Yes mom”s
From “Ever ever, Always always, Promises”
I am from Russian Christmas 
I am from Sitka and Elizabeth 
Devil’s club and deer stew
From forest fires
Burning trees
Tinkerbell and Tootsie Rolls
Grandpa’s House
Subtle fighting, bickering, hugging the elders and playing with my cousins

I’m from the crazy but loving
Angry but changing
Hurt but helping
I am from a lost family learning to grow.

Nakima Budke recently moved from Hoonah Alaska with her daughter Amara and is now living in Juneau Alaska finishing her high school education.