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Volume 14 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2022

Joseph Cavanaugh

I Am From Juneau, Alaska

from my bed and my lamp,
from the nice houses on the block and a little cozy home. 

It smells good, it feels like home.
I am from rain and the snow and the sun,

the tree in front of my home. I'm from hikes and snowboarding
and Tlingit dancing. 

I'm from swimming and the tram and from fishing and eating Tlingit foods
I'm from being nice and grateful 

and everybody should be treated the same regardless of what they look like.

I'm from Tlingit dancing, sweats, and smoking fish
I’m from Juneau, Alaska, and Kake, Alaska.

Joseph Cavanaugh loves living in Juneau just because it's so beautiful. He loves going on walks, snowboarding, and even just walking outside, looking at the mountains in the morning, and watching the snow come down.