Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

Alice Duggan


The air won't hold your ceramic mug
up. Your engine can't run on no
coolant. Oh. The tow truck
is hours

coming. The flowers gasp
in the vase. This is a place you know:
humbling, arrested.

Pick up the chunks of mug. Water
the sagging blooms and think
you're a villager now,
your body your new

engine. You're stillness
on an older path,
on your sturdy feet.
You're a child.

Alice Duggan has had poems published in The Water~Stone Review, Puckerbush Review, Plainsongs, Sleet Magazine, Moon Journal, and Friends Journal, a Quaker publication. She studies with Tom Ruud's Monday night poets. Alice is a chronic and civic gardener, working at her local library garden and at home.

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