Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

Joshua Fischer


After the sky warned him, he refused to listen, “You never sell revenge as love.” After the sky told him, “You will become fallen,” he thought twisting revenge with love. After love became the plan, his selfish, misguided plan, he sold the sky's wisdom as love.

After selling the master plan, salvaging fallen land, she waved farewell to her love. After crying out to him, he traveled for foreign land; she felt fallen from her love. After the master plan, salvaging fallen land, he became fallen from his love.

After serving months for the plan, trekking across endless sand, he carried nothing but the plan's love. After trudging through the sand, he carried a fallen man, who told him, “The sky blesses your love.” After carrying the fallen man, he struggled relocating his van, while never questioning the sky's love.

After moments inside the van, he turned the ignition, but the sky called for his love. After the explosion, the sky beckoned to him, revealing true love was beyond. Before believing, I cannot help thinking, revenge sold as true love, but there is a master plan, an authentic safe haven; the liar, who sold the sky's wisdom, has fallen from true love beyond.

When Josh Fischer got his first computer, he enjoyed using the word processor it came with more than the Internet because he liked keyboarding stories. Josh's work has been featured online in Double Dare Press, Haute Dish, the Rake and Buzz Magazine. If Josh could be an animal, he'd be a bold, brash bear because in Native American languages, a bear symbolizes the sweetness of truth. Until his soul bares all injustices it has seen, especially in today's society, relentlessly Josh will strive, exposing the truth through his writing.

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