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Mardith Louisell


1972, Mother, Duluth, Minnesota

        “I've lowered my expectations. I'm just grateful that my kids aren't strung
out on drugs, haven't blown up any buildings and aren't in jail.”


1999, New Mother, Beloit, Wisconsin, Husband Out of Town

“If I can keep this baby alive until he gets home, I’ll be a success.”


2000, Minneapolis

“Other people seem to like them.”


2005, Minneapolis

"They’re still speaking to me. "


2010, New York City

“As long as she doesn’t kill herself or end up in jail, I’m okay.”


2012, Minneapolis

“He went to his high school feminism club.”


2014, Louisiana

“She’s thirty, lives at home, works part-time, and isn’t working at a bar.”


2015, Berkeley, California

“My sons are good at cleaning kitchen counters.”


Mardith Louisell’s short stories, flash, essays and memoir can be found most recently in Crossborder Journal, Smokelong Quarterly, Sleet, Solstice Literary Magazine, and Best Travel Writing 2012, Travelers’ Tales. She grew up on Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, and takes pictures of people's ears, which can be found at She writes, edits and works part-time in child welfare in San Francisco.

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