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Lewis Mundt

The Octopus Speaks of His Hearts

I am full of hearts.
I am wandering some depth.
There is pressure here.
I am full of hearts.
I am not home yet and there is pressure here.
There is one side of my brain that is the other side of my body.
I am full of hearts.
I am full of love.
There is pressure.
I cannot feel right.
I have a heart for each of my arms.
There is pressure.
Each wants something different and I have no thumbs.
Bring me thumbs.
I am full of hearts.
Each needs something different.
There is pressure.
I am falling.
I am in too deep.


“The Octopus Speaks of His Hearts” was originally published as a broadside by Red Bird Chapbooks, August 2012.

Lewis Mundt is a recent graduate of Hamline University's BFA program in Creative Writing, where he founded the Hamline University Poetry Slam in the fall of 2010.  His work has appeared in the Mas Tequila Review, Bestiary Magazine, The Rumpus, and the forthcoming Poetry City USA: Volume 3.  He lives in the Twin Cities with his bicycles.