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Dark House

Outside, I see that it's begun to rain, but I nevertheless lower all
the living room shades. You've been ranting all morning, hysterical,
like a tattered flag, flapping uncontrollably in a hurricane.  I look
into your beautiful, but contorted, face, the one you examine in the
mirror and so often find something about which to hate, and I begin to
fear something, something I can't explain, something that whispers to
me in that ominous, inner self-voice, the gods love the wrong world.

The rain continues to fall, but it never reaches the ground.

Brad Rose was born and raised in southern California, and lives in Boston.  His poetry and fiction have appeared in print and on-line  at:  San Pedro River Review, Off the Coast, Third Wednesday, The Potomac, Imagination and Place, Tattoo Highway, Monkeybicycle, Right  Hand Pointing, Boston Literary Magazine, Staccato Micro-fiction, riverbabble, Blue Print Review,, Fiction at  Work, Six Little Things, Short, Fast and Deadly, and other  publications.  Links to his poetry and fiction can be found at: Brad's novelette, Lola Loves Richard, a tragicomedy set in contemporary Hollywood, told in 6-sentence chapters, is in progress at