Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

McKenzie Lynn Sanders

The Underside of Trees

She whispered do you love me?
I watched her dangle in a tree.
She hung upside-down like a trapeze artist —
legs long, crooked.
Wrist cuffs
covered her belly button.

She reached for me.

I lit a candle and pushed her
out into the open.
It was going to rain.
Her tan body swayed in the darkness.
I could see the whites
of her eyes,
two waning moons.

McKenzie Lynn Sanders was born in June of 1988 and began writing short stories early. Upon entering Penn High School, she became a member of the school's literary magazine and became one of the leading editors and advisors. Since, she has attended IU South Bend as a Secondary English Education major with minors in Creative Writing and Psychology. She has focused on tutoring students in both English and Creative Writing while pursuing her degree. Her future plans are to graduate in May 2011 with her Bachelor's and pursue a Creative Writing Master's in Fine Arts the following fall.

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