Volume 2 Number 1 • Spring 2010

Michelle Tokarczyk

At The Avant Garde Film Festival

First blotches of flashed
Red light
then earth brown streaks
unidimensional. The third short
titled for a girl, but no girl
appears. Only a white
, yellow subway,
clips of cut off tracks.
Finally an experiment in
Dys lex ia? Captions printed
Backwards sdrawkcab
Finally lights on. Apologies.
The captions on one short
Were Reversed.
It's shown again
The words so concrete
I could clench them in my fists

Michelle Tokarczyk's poetry book, The House I'm Running From, was published by West End Press. Her poetry has also appeared in many journals and anthologies, including The Minnesota Review, The Literary Review, Calling Home: An Anthology of Working-Class Women's Writing, and For a Living: The Poetry of Work. She is a professor of English at Goucher College in Baltimore but also spends a lot of time in New York City.

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