Volume 15 • Number 1 • Spring-Summer 2023

Welcome to Sleet for All Seasons!

Sleet proudly nominates these writers and their beautiful work for the 2023-24 Pushcart Prize:
1.  James Cihlar, "Jamais Vu," Poetry
2.  Jennifer Hernandez, "A Case of the Vapors," Irregulars
3.  Alison Heron Hruby, "Helios," Poetry
4.  Kate Sullivan, "Mudlarking at the Beauport," Irregulars
5.  Alice K. Boatwright, "After the Rabbit Died," Irregulars

This is the last of Sleet's regularly scheduled editions.
Starting in 2024, Sleet will re-emerge as a pop-up — still wild, free and weird as ever! Follow us on Instagram for updates.

As always, make it real, make it Sleet!

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