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Volume 12 • Number 2 • Fall - Winter 2020

Henry Crawford

Cell Division

[ordinarily] [cells] [reproduce] [in private] [away from the eyes of others] [busy] [playing their roles] [in an earlobe] [or eyelid] [sometimes] [a cell] [is unable] [to reproduce] [it will] [capture another [cell]] [sowing] [division] [making furious copies] [convincing them] [to do] [its bidding] [even if it kills] [the host] [engulfing it] [like a tissue] [of whitespace]

Henry Crawford is the author of two collections of poetry, American Software (CW Books, 2017) and the Binary Planet (Word Works, 2020). His online poems are available at Henry Crawford Poetry, Online. He is currently the host of the online series, Poets vs The Pandemic.