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Sleet Seasonal Supplement — Summer 2011

Sleet Summer Supplement summer getup

Sleet Magazine is proud to present this special edition of all previously published work. We believe good work is meant to be read more than once and by many audiences. So, Enjoy! And please let us know what you especially liked.

John Bennett

I Could Not Look

Jamie Buehner

Ercan in the Sun and Rain



Real City I

Austin Cunningham

These Things are Delicate

Norita Dittberner-Jax


Mike Finley


Clints and Grykes

John Gifford

A Chance of Rain

Jim Heynen

The Grandfather

MC Hyland

At night in some way illumined

Like Water Poured Into the Altar

Ballet Mécanique (i-iii)

Duane J Jackson


Standstill Minutes

Mike Kabel

Elizabeth In The Traces

Deborah Keenan

Summer Wind in Autumn

So Much Like a Beach After All

Chasing the Harvest Moon

Christopher Linforth


Dave Malone

The Shape of My Days

Summer Relic

Gerardo Mena

So I Was a Coffin

Jim Moore

At 7:00 AM Watching The Cars On the Bridge

How to Close the Great Distance Between People

Two Flute Songs


The History of Roses


Suzanne Nielsen

Counter's Segues

Todd Pederson

Midnight at an All-Night Diner Beside the Sea

These Shorter Days of Science Fiction

Flatiron: On Market Sunday

T W Perkins

Missing In Action

Taking You Home

Mark Rigney

The Heisenberg Approach

Brad Rose

Clown Car

Amanda St. John

Birch and Moon